Who We Are

Sasquatch Crossfit is about the team. We are a family here, where our strengths are realized and improved upon together. We focus on the big picture of crossfit training: better fitness for everyone.

Why Crossfit?: We were like most... how could we get a good workout in 5-20 mins!? After finally taking a friend's offer to try CrossFit we were instantly hooked. The community of people that CrossFit embodies is amazing. The support of the people in the gym, motivating you through WODs and celebrating accomplishments together is like no other exercise experience out there. We look forward to creating this same community with everyone at Sasquatch CrossFit.

Take a look around the first time you walk in. Stop by one of our multiple classes here at Sasquatch CrossFit. We are positive you will immediately feel like you are part of the team, like you are going to have the support you need to realize and reach your fitness goals. Sasquatch CrossFit is a place where you will get to know the people you work out with. This is the type of gym where handshakes and smiles are exchanged amongst it's members, because we are positive the more familiar you are with those around you at the gym, the more support and motivation they can offer.

Tim Bandel

Owner, Trainer, CrossFit Level One, CrossFit Football Certified

I'm 27 years old and grew up locally in Kirkland. I have been active from the day I was born, parents put me in school a year late cause they didn't think I could hold still. I grew up playing Football, Basketball and some Baseball. I was lucky enough to play a little Junior College ball while studying Exercise Science. I played Semi Pro football in Eugene Oregon with some amazing athletes on a #1 Nationally ranked team for 2 years. I got into some Jiu Jitsu and again was very lucky to have one of the best coaches out there coach me to some NW Regional Championships. I have worked in the Fire Service and spent 3 years working nights on an ambulance in Seattle, never a dull moment. I got into CrossFit from a friend, I, like most didn't think I could get a good workout in 15 minutes. Lets just say after my first "WOD" I never looked back. CrossFit keeps me entertained with the wide variety of elements in gymnastics, strength and work capacity. Being a well rounded athlete keeps me focused and always improving in my fitness journey. The best part about CrossFit to me is the community, working out with someone our members from time to time or our coaches there is such a sense of respect because we know what each other is going through, we go through it together daily. Everyone supports and encourages and gives props for accomplishments. Sasquatch is my home, I am so thankful for the life long friends I have that feel like family.

Kayleen Perry Ulrich

Trainer, CrossFit Level One

I’m 26, a very proud mother and am happily married to my best friend. I grew up in Portland, OR and moved to the Seattle area 2 years ago. My CrossFit experiences started in 2009, shortly after getting married. My husband and I started our weight-loss journey together a few years prior, as we both had some pounds to shed, by doing CrossFit WODs at our local gym. But getting tired of the stares and lack of proper facilities, we decided to join a CrossFit gym in Portland. We both immediately fell in love with the competitiveness it encouraged between us and the feeling of pushing your body to new, and unexpected, limits. I have always loved fitness, but never knew I could love it in any form as much as I do CrossFit. My passions within CrossFit are primarily Power Lifting and Mobility. I take pride in continuing my education on both subjects so that I can share it to promote growth and prevent unnecessary injuries. I love coaching and sharing my passion for fitness and the practical applications of health in our daily lives. Aside from CrossFit, I stay active by hiking, camping, and bicycling. I also am a hair stylist – so, I can help you work on your Power Clean and help you tame that unruly coif. I keep my schedule busy with social activities and recently I’ve discovered how much I love traveling and plan to do more of it in the near future!

Everett West

Trainer, CrossFit Level One

My name is Everett West. I am a Collegiate Athlete at The University of Puget Sound in Tacoma Washington. I started Crossfit in Southern California while training for the football and track seasons. I was a running back and kicker for my High School and College teams. I am a sprinter in track and compete in the 100m, 200m, and 4x100m races. I have participated in one Crossfit Football Competition, Occupy Strength Seattle. Sasquatch was represented well and we brought home First Place in the lightweight category. Crossfit has changed the way I train for life. I believe Crossfit is not only completing a WOD or two…or four a day. Crossfit is a way of life. A chance to improve yourself in any and every way I choose. I can become stronger, more flexible, increase my balance or any number of skills. Not only physical, but on that fourth round of “Eva” (it’s the nastiest of the Nasty Girls) it becomes a spiritual and mental battle to either HOLD ON or LET GO. The beauty of this struggle is the choice is always up to us, because nobody else is swinging that 2pood KB for you. I am never bored with Crossfit because there is always something to work on or improve. If the pull-up is mastered, The Chest to bar is next, then the bar muscle up, and finally the infamous muscle-up. These challenges and physical feats are awesome personal accomplishments, but are better shared with the community. To me it is the community and people that I am surrounded by to share in my excitement and joy that make the Sasquatch community so special to me. Sasquatch is my home away from home. I was embraced into this family after moving up from Anaheim, California. Sasquatch has helped me adjust to the start of my collegiate life in Washington. It is a great place to train with even better people to work out with! See you in class!

Tracy Nagai

Trainer, CrossFit Level One

I’m Tracy and I started CrossFit in April of 2011. Before CrossFit I was training in the sport of judo in hopes of making it to the Olympics. After retiring from the sport around ‘10, I saw that many of my friends around the country who also retired after the ’08 Olympic cycle were doing this thing called CrossFit. I’ve always had fun with olympic weightlifting (clean and jerk/snatch) and was excited to see that these “gyms” were using olympic lifts to supplement their training. Also, I saw that CrossFitters had their own community. They had their own language (using words like “WOD”) and I was anxious to become a part something new; life has never been more exciting since then.

What I love most about CrossFit is the community. When you get a couple CrossFitters together, you can talk about CrossFit for hours (sad at times). You can also travel around the globe and walk into a CrossFit gym, easily meet people and make new friends. Whether you’re in Boston or Iceland, there will be people excited to share the same experience with you and want to talk for hours (probably about CrossFit) because you have that same connection.

Kelly Rose

Trainer, CrossFit Level One

I'm 24 years old and I've been doing CrossFit for about 5 years. I grew up in Spokane, Wa. I spent a lot of my time in the outdoors hiking around and enjoying nature. I played sports mostly as a kid and got really into strength training as a teenager. I've been doing olympic lifting for 8 years and always enjoy picking up heavy stuff at least once a day. I found CrossFit through a friend while attending Washington State University (GO COUGS!). I didn't believe that I could get in a good strength and conditioning workout in less than 10 minutes...he proved me wrong. I've been a CF addict ever since. I helped open Washington State University CrossFit, which is one of very few collegiate affiliates. I helped train athletes there on occasion, but had no plans of coaching CF in the long run. While at WSU I was a volunteer firefighter with the Pullman Fire Department so that I could gain experience to someday do it full-time. I found Sasquatch CrossFit when I moved to Redmond in the summer of 2013. I had been recently been hired by the Renton Fire Department. I knew no one in the area and didn't know how to choose a gym. I saw the name "Sasquatch" on google and decided to check it out. Not only was the name of the gym awesome, but the members and trainers immediately made me feel at home. I joined the gym and began coaching 2 months later. Coaching at Sasquatch has taught me a lot about the sport of fitness and it's community. I started CF on my own at an unfriendly college rec center, trying to stay out of the way and mind my own business. The family I have found at Sasquatch is equal to none. We come from many different walks of life, yet we all struggle through the same workouts, encouraging one another along the way. We advocate safety and check any and all egos at the door. I am truly thankful to be a part of the Sasquatch family.

About Sasquatch Crossfit


Sasquatch Crossfit Gym is located in Redmond, Washington. We formed in June 2011 after years of training at a variety of different gyms, but felt something was lacking. We formed Sasquatch Crossfit with the team in mind. We work together in order to succeed together. All are welcome, from beginner to professional, as we believe anyone ready to improve their personal fitness who comes through our door has something to add to the team.