Why Sasquatch?

CrossFit is well known as an effective way to sweat and meet positive, wellness-oriented people. Our box is no exception. Our members are a big reason why our coaches love coming to work every morning. Sasquatch approaches the CrossFit mantra a little differently than most, though. We place the safety and wellbeing of our members far above their ability to lift incredibly heavy things. That is not to say that we don't lift, we simply take our time in making sure that our athletes get to their goals injury free!

We also place a lot of emphasis on mobility. Have you ever seen huge bodybuilders that can bench press crazy amounts of weight but can't touch their toes? You won't find any here. We want to help you get stronger AND more limber!

We invite you to join us for a day and take part in a workout! We think the excellence of our programming will speak for itself, but if you have questions, we'd love to discuss it in greater depth in person. Come see why Sasquatch is such an incredible community to be a part of!


Give us your email address and someone will contact you shortly to schedule your free intro class! It’s that simple.


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