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Sasquatch CrossFit is not like any other gym you've ever joined. We are a family, working together to achieve a mutual goal; improve ourselves. When you look around the gym you won't see isolation, you won't see strangers wearing headphones, and you definitely won't see any bad attitudes. No, the first time you walk into Sasquatch CrossFit, take a look around and you will see family. You will see a group of people who are excited that you have taken the first step towards improving your fitness, people who will do anything possible to keep you motivated. At Sasquatch CrossFit, we celebrate personal growth because we know it makes the team stronger. And as we strengthen, we strive for more. Set your goals and expect to exceed them when you join our team.

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About Sasquatch Crossfit


Sasquatch CrossFit Gym is located in Redmond, Washington. We formed in June 2011 after years of training at a variety of different gyms, but felt something was lacking. We formed Sasquatch Crossfit with the team in mind. We work together in order to succeed together. All are welcome, from beginner to professional, as we believe anyone ready to improve their personal fitness who comes through our door has something to add to the team.