Sammamish CrossFit


At Sammamish CrossFit, we take a holistic approach to your fitness. Not just a CrossFit gym, our coaches are highly trained in various disciplines, so they have a wealth of knowledge to pull from to help you get to your goals. Our coaching staff includes professional athletes, mobility specialists, and experts in corrective exercise, performance, and nutrition.
Everything we do, we do it with you in mind. We pride ourselves on gaining a deep understanding of each athlete that sweats with us. We meet you where you are, listen to your goals and aspirations, uncover your challenges and strengths, and help you achieve things you never thought possible. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or just feel better every day, we’re got everything you need to make it happen.
But the real gem of our gym is our people. You’ve never met a group as supportive, encouraging, and dedicated as our athletes and coaches. Getting to the gym can be tough – so we go above and beyond to make sure OUR gym is one place you NEVER want to skip!
Our 1,000-square-foot Sammamish location offers a more intimate environment for getting in, getting your workout, and getting on with your day. Well-stocked and expertly organized, this location offers everything you need to create the best body of your life.


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